Castrol Edge

The Brief: To produce a film for the Castrol sales division to promote their Castrol Edge products.

The Idea: A studio product shoot, combined with CGI graphics to create a film demonstrating the sales tools & the benefits of using Castrol Edge.

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Freeman XP

The Brief: To produce a film to promote Freeman’s event services.

The Idea: A film of the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, including timelapses, interviews from company presidents, intercut with shots of the stands built by Freeman.

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The Brief: To produce a film showing how IEMPS’ back-up power system is invaluable to their clients’ businesses & so generate more international sales.

The Idea: A case study with IEMPS’ client at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. The film primarily consisted of interviews alongside artistic shots of the location & product being used in situ. We provided 8 versions of the film with different foreign subtitles so it can be watched globally.

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AHRC 3D Printing

The Brief: To devise & produce an ident for the Arts & Humanities Council & their future film.

The Idea: In keeping with the creativity & diversity of the AHRC-funded projects, we produced a vibrant papercraft animation, featuring elements of recent projects, including 3D printing, theatre & ending with the brand logo.

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