The Brief: to film 6 vox pops, a promotional film & 3 live presentations about the future of smart energy. All 8 films needed to be delivered within 24 hours of the event.

The Execution: we had a multiple camera set up with a director, camera operators & a sound engineer. An edit team & suite on location allowed us to start working on & delivering the films the same day.

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The Brief: to live stream the Arts and Humanities Council’s anniversary awards from the British Film Institute in London.

The Execution: We provided a crew of four, including multiple camera operators & sound engineer. We also supplied all pre-edited visual content, including graphics & clips of the nominated films to broadcast to the event audience.

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The Brief: To live stream Motorola’s presentation at the Mobile World Congress for the press & public audience & produce an edited film of the event by 9am the next morning.

The Execution: For live streaming to screens on site, we provided a three camera set up, a vision mixer & an edit team that worked through the night to deliver the film by the 9am deadline.

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