The Brief: To produce a film for Research Council UK to screen in parliament, demonstrating where their funding is spent

The Idea: We complied film footage from the previous year, showing a variety of RCUK projects alongside an interview with their CEO. The film was made available to the public via the RCUK website.

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The Brief: To explain Carillion’s services to a digital audience

The Idea: A series of quirky stop-frame animations, each using a different material to match the scripted voiceover content. Music & light-hearted narration added pace & humour.

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WHSmith Wrapping

The Brief: To produce a series of branded gift wrapping tutorials to promote the WHSmith Christmas product range across social media platforms

The Idea: gift-wrapping tutorials presented by designer Jane Means, in a suitably festive & cosy setting. The films had over 15,000 views in the first 12 hours alone & were shared across a variety of social media platforms.

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