About Firebird Films

Hello! We’re Firebird Films, a video production company based in Swindon, Wiltshire. With over a decade of experience, our award-winning creative team specialise in producing video marketing content for digital advertising. 

We believe in strong storytelling for brand expression and with this in mind, we collaborate with our clients to produce video content that is on message and reflects their ethos. This creative partnership is as important to us as the final film. From concept to delivery, we work with you to create content that is compelling and audience-centred. 

After initial discussions, pre-production is the time for ideas and designing a film product that meets your goal. Working alongside you, we focus on concept development, script writing, storyboarding, production design, location scouting, scheduling, casting talent, animatics, and any other service the project required. 

When pre-production is complete, the film moves into production: shooting live action, animation, green screen content, and anything else planned in pre-production. Our film crews range from minimal to extensive, depending on project requirements and budget. 

During post-production, the assets are pieced together to make the final film. This could involve visual effects, motion graphics, sound and film editing, music, voiceover, and colour grading. We ensure the film is the correct format for the purpose needed and that client brand guidelines are adhered to. We particularly welcome client feedback at this stage and can schedule sit-in edit sessions at our offices in Wiltshire or at client premises. 

The process doesn’t end there. Once the final cut is delivered, we advise on how to build momentum on social media platforms and reach your target audience. 

With an intense passion for industry innovation, we continually push the boundaries of film production, refining products and software to meet the challenges we face. We have 4K camera equipment in-house and consistently invest in new technologies, most recently our light-weight drone and custom-built timelapse cameras. 

Call us for an initial discussion on how we can help with your project. 

Our clients include…