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From the Ground Up: Construction Timelapse in your Marketing Campaign

Posted on 3rd April 2018 at 11:40am by Hugo Beanland in Branded Content, Case Study, Social Media

Construction timelapse isn't new but advances in technology are making it more cost-effective and attractive than ever before. The team at Firebird Films have spent years developing our timelapse cameras - they're wireless, record in high-definition 4K, and can upload via the 4G mobile network.

Timelapse certainly looks impressive but it's much more than stunning video. Timelapse films can strengthen client loyalty, extend your social media reach, and add a fresh perspective to your digital marketing. 

My top reasons to use timelapse in your construction projects: 

  • Keep your clients updated on the progress of the build, from site prep through to build and hand-over. Captivate clients right at the beginning of the project and keep their interest with regular updates. Use timelapse video to increase emotional impact and brand loyalty.  
  • Show your clients that you invest and have pride in your own projects. Give them the confidence and reassurance that they have chosen the right people to partner with. 
  • Use the timelapse film, or sections of it, for regular social media updates. The film can be used as weekly, monthly, or yearly updates on social media posts, extending your social media reach and engaging the hard-to-reach. 
  • Add fresh perspective to case studies and other marketing films. If you have a call-to-action at the end of your promo film, you want viewers to stick around to the very end. Timelapses are a dynamic contrast to live-action b-roll and interview footage: they change the pace of a film, leading to longer view times.

In addition to this, our timelapse cameras allow you to keep an eye on the construction site and stay up-to-date with build progress, in real time. Identify potential problems before they arise, from a remote location. 

Take a look at our timelapse examples on our website. 

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