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The Sky's the Limit: Can Aerial Footage Add Value to your Marketing Campaign?

Posted on 2nd May 2018 at 2:00pm by Hugo Beanland in Aerial, Branded Content, Case Study, Social Media


Drones are everywhere. 

Companies like Amazon are developing drone delivery systems, hobbyists are venturing out into public with theirs, and aerial footage is increasingly seen in film productions. 

As the resident drone pilot at Firebird Films, I've travelled nationally and internationally, capturing beautiful aerial shots. 

Here are my five reasons to use aerial footage in your next video production:  

  • Cinematic magic: Aerial footage gives the audience a view of the world that they don't usually see. Showcase the scale of a project, the beauty of a landscape, the sheer size of an event. Drones capture sky-high views with ease, from open spaces, multiple terrains, and different scenes - all without anyone having to leave the ground. A naturally-lit aerial panorama can make the dullest of buildings suddenly more exciting! 
  • Films that stand out: Drone footage will give a film a professional edge over your competitors. Panoramic shots, crowd fly-overs and large scale revealing/ establishing shots really come into their own when captured by a trained pilot and reliable team. 
  • More cost-efficient than ever before: No need for expensive helicopters or hiring large crane equipment with multiple operators. In good weather, a single UAV pilot can be prepped, the drone up in the air, with stunning footage captured in less than an hour. 
  • High definition aerial photography too: Our drone can simultaneously capture stills while filming, providing excellent value for money. These aerial photographs have so many uses, including social media teasers, print adverts and website images. 
  • Reach inaccessible places: Drones are truly versatile. They can travel over water, under archways and  bridges, over landmarks, buildings, mountains and trees, allowing us to capture footage that has previously been out of reach. And it's not just about outdoors. If space allows, we can fly indoors, in warehouses, exhibition halls, and factories. 

Recently the laws surrounding drone flying have been tightened. It's important to work with a qualified pilot, who will consider flying conditions and follow CAA guidelines. Firebird Films are fully insured and use only CAA licensed UAV pilots. Take a look at our aerial filming on our website. 


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