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Video Case Studies: Creating Stand-Out Content

Posted on 19th April 2018 at 12:10pm by Amelia Mackenzie in Branded Content, Case Study, Social Media

Video testimonials are increasingly popular, and for good reason. A well-produced film will engage with your audience and show them a previously-unseen side to your business. But they can get lost in the white noise of social media. How can you create content that stands out and encourages interaction? 

Tell a Story 

A standard case study will primarily show how a business operates. It might even include a client testimonial. A great case study will involve a narrative structure that includes the audience on a journey, from beginning to end, and emphasises the positive impact of the client relationship and a successful outcome. 

Involving a film production agency at the point of concept creative will make pre-production a more straightforward process. At Firebird Films, we bring our experience and knowledge to the table and work alongside you to develop a script outline and storyboard. 

Extract Information 

The value in video testimonial lies in communicating relevant content to your target audience and to do that, you need to extract the right information from your interviewee. This isn't as painful as it sounds! 

When filming a case study, it's good practice to prepare a short list of questions that interviewees can look over before the shoot day. This sets clear expectations and allows the interviewees to prepare. These questions are useful for the film production by allowing the film director to anticipate visuals to accompany the answers. On shoot day itself, the interview questions keep the interview focused, so that production wraps with enough useful content for a cracking final edit. 

Typically, the case study should include each person's name, job title, a brief walkthrough of the project you are showcasing, as standard. A meaningful recommendation from the client is essential - it's no good describing a project in great detail if you don't also explain how it has positively effected your client. In our experience, successful case studies include precise results so encourage interviewees to be specific and quantify successes, where possible. 

Short and Sweet 

It's tempting to cram as much information into a film as possible, or extend the video length to include all the interview footage. For modern audiences, brevity is your friend. To keep viewers watching, it's crucial to keep content relevant and concise. 

Post-production is the time for evaluating interview footage, with audio transcription if preferred, make the decision of what makes the cut and what ends up on the cutting room floor. At Firebird Films, our edit team is always on hand to advise on aspects such as film length, music choices, and correct formats for social media platforms, to name a few. 

We have a proven track record of creating authentic, influential case studies. Take a look at some examples on our website. 

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