A video timelapse condenses activity over a long period of time into a short film, using specialised cameras. Timelapses are inherently captivating and are some of the most popular videos on YouTube and Vimeo. Our timelapse cameras are custom-built, unobtrusive, can be installed securely both indoors and outdoors, and deliver high definition footage at the interval best suited to the project. 

Timelapses can work well as stand-alone films: showcasing event footfall or the progression of a construction build. Motion timelapse combined with live action shots, for example within a brand video or case study, elevate production quality and provide a refreshing change of pace.  

Record the progress of a building over months or years, with our bespoke construction timelapse service. Add production value to live action with a stunning motion timelapse. 

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Video for Timelapse

Capitalise on the latest technologies with timelapse filming

Bovis Homes: Building an Ascot

Bovis Homes: Building an Ascot


Bentley Timelapse

Our client commissioned this short film to announce the launch of a project: complete restoration of a Bentley...

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